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Big Questions 

For three evenings in January we are running 'Big Questions': an opportunity to explore three big questions that people often ask about the Christian faith. No assumptions will be made and you won't be asked to do anything you might not be comfortable with, such as pray. These evenings are open to anyone, whether you are a new Christian, someone who has been following Jesus for many years, or who wouldn't call yourself a Christian at all.

The three big questions we will be considering are:

Tuesday 12th January: Hasn't science disproved God?
Tuesday 19th January: Why does God allow suffering?
Tuesday 26th January: Don't all religions lead to God?

These evenings will run on Zoom from 8pm to 9pm. To sign up please click the button below, and you can sign up for one, two or all three sessions as you want. Further details and the appropriate Zoom link will be sent to you nearer the time. Do please invite anyone who might be interested in these evenings - friends, family, colleagues, neighbours - but do get them to sign up using the link so we know to send them the information!

Sign Up!

If you are having any problems with signing up or want more information, do get in touch with the church office via email ( or give us a call on 0208 404 1112.


Hasn't Science disproved God?

Click here to download the notes from this week

Videos from this week's session:
Glen Scrivener:
Neil deGrasse Tyson:
Christians in science:

Further watching if you are interested: