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Caring and Belonging

carandbelAt Holy Trinity we aim to be a community where everyone feels welcome and valued, a place where people receive support and genuine care. We believe it’s really important to encourage each other by what we say and in practical ways, and particularly to stand with one another when life is tough. 
We aim to care for each other at two different levels that both offer the opportunity for everyone to receive the loving care, support and encouragement that they need at difficult times.

Primary Source of Pastoral Support

This is accessed through Home Groups and other Life Groups, occasional courses we run and our ministry to one another at Sunday Services. This care covers the care and support that many of us need from time to time in our day to day lives - our Life Group and church friends coming alongside us to support, encourage, pray and chat as we deal with the seasons of life.

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Extended Pastoral Support

This is accessed either through talking to your Life Group leaders or by contacting our Church Office. Support is provided through members of our Pastoral Team and, in some situations, through the clergy, who are available to come alongside those who need a little extra support or encouragement.


Additional Support

Pastoral Assistance List / Register - This provides short term / one off practical help to church members under the guidance of the Pastoral Team
Prayer Ministry - This is open to all at the end of the Service every Sunday morning and evening, and plays a central role in how we love and support one another through the small and big challenges in life
Prayer Partners - We encourage everyone to meet with one or two other people to pray
Prayer Chain - Urgent requests for prayer are shared among church members by text, please contact the church office if you would like to join the prayer chain.