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Youth and children

kesrouanigsmallsep18jacksonssmallsep18Georges Kesrouani is our Youth and Children’s Minister.  He grew up down the road in Ealing, and is really excited about what God is doing among young people in Richmond. His dream is to see young people equipped and enabled to dream big, build the kingdom and shift the culture around them. In a world where Christianity is perceived as being more and more irrelevant, young people can challenge the status quo, own the cause of the Kingdom of God, and be ministers in their own right. Georges works alongside Sue Jackson, our Children's Worker, who has a heart to see children and their families find friendship with Jesus.

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Holy Trinity has an active and vibrant ministry to young people and children from the church and the local community. We believe that young people and children can enjoy a rewarding relationship with Jesus and the rest of their community,and that they can play a full part in the life of the church. 

On Sundays

On Sunday mornings we have age-specific teaching groups for children and young people aged from 0 to 14 in addition to All Age worship:

Fledglings - aged 0-3
Scramblers - aged 3-5
Climbers - aged 5-7
Explorers - aged 8-10
Quest - aged 11-14

Young people aged 14+ are encouraged to take an active role in leading the Evening Service alongside other members of the church. 

Children in the week

refreshoct15glow logo smallRefresh is a small group of parents and their pre-school children that meet with a vision for community and friendship.

Glow is a children's club open to all children in school years 4, 5 and 6. Each event has a Christian theme and input as well as games, craft, sport, art, computer games, chillout, table games and tuck. It runs fortnightly on Friday evenings during term time, 1900-2030. 


Youth in the week

The main youth group at Holy Trinity Richmond is called The Crossing, but it’s much more than just a youth group! It’s a gathering of young people with a mission, to see their spheres transformed and to influence their friends, schools and community with the Gospel. We believe that God loves us to bits and we just can’t keep it to ourselves. He has given us a mission to bring his Love into every situation, and we take it seriously. We want every young person in our Borough to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and respond, and nothing is going to stop us from achieving it. The Crossing meets every week on a Wednesday evening, 1800-1930. We also do loads of other stuff, including trips out and time away together.

bridgelogoThe Bridge is a new group for Year 7s who are moving on from Glow. It's a fun social setting, with the same games, consoles and equipment that they are used to from Glow, but with a mixed team of old and new friends! 
It runs fortnightly on Friday evenings during term time, 1800-1900, and is jointly led by Georges and Sue.

For more information about groups and activities for children in Years 6 and below, contact Sue Jackson
For more information about groups and activities for children in Years 7 and above, contact Georges Kesrouani
You can see our Policy for safeguarding children and young people here