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The Perfect Rescue Plan 

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Disaster Movies are often based on true stories when rescue equipment fails, or procedures go wrong. There are early clues in the plot that there has been an oversight in planning or routine maintenance has not been followed. Then, a crisis hits, disaster strikes, and we, the audience, who have seen it coming are drawn into that awful moment of watching a disaster unfold with unnecessary loss of life that could have so easily been avoided. 

I’ve seen many of this type of film, but Titanic comes to mind as a particularly disastrous film, based on a true story that I think most of you would know about. In the moment of crisis, everything should have been in place to rescue those fighting for their lives, yet sadly human error, not enough rescue boats (amongst other things), leads to the tragic loss of lives that could have been avoided.

A good rescue plan is thought through well before an event. Foresight and knowledge are used to make calculated plans for all contingencies and every possibility of what could go wrong. Preserving life is paramount. Equipment and procedures are chosen, and essential maintenance is scheduled. But, no matter how thorough the plan, human error will always strike somewhere along the way. Even when a human error has been accounted for or the knowledge of its potential damage has been minimised.

Thank goodness, God made a perfect rescue plan for us before he even created us. It’s a perfectly timed and executed plan which is still unfolding in our world today with absolutely no room for human error. We don’t have to sit watching on the edge of our seats, wondering will it work out ok or not. There isn't a flawed human character that can make a fatal error of judgement or for whom pride, greed or selfishness can cause a condemning blow to whom the tragedy, the fall of man, can be pinned on.

God’s rescue plan is so watertight that even with all the horrific mistakes we humans make, we cannot divert the victory of God’s rescue plan for this world.

We live in the certainty of victory and our lives here on earth are so short in the face of eternity. We can live in the light of the power and glory of God's resurrected son who holds the keys to sin and death. Jesus is alive. He came to earth, defeated sin and death and returned to heaven to sit beside our Heavenly Father and he now intercedes for each one of us, continuously, day and night. God sent His Spirit to dwell in us, to guide us and bring us home safely into our loving Father's arms - hallelujah!

The only thing we have to do is choose to get in the rescue boat, to choose to open a bible and get to know The Word, to converse with your Father in heaven, to invite the Holy Spirit to come into your life and guide you safely home. We don’t choose to get rescued once, we do it every day! The rescue plan is fail-safe, we don’t have to rescue ourselves, it’s all done for us but we do have to get in the boat and stay in the boat! If we fall out or get out, get back in! It’s the only way to survive, the only way to beat the deadly ocean waves and currents, no matter how strong a swimmer you are.

We were not created to survive in this world alone, we were created to need a rescue boat, to need the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, every day. How will you get in the boat today, the next day and every day after?
Let’s pray: Father God, thank you that you have thought of everything and have perfectly planned and carried out our salvation and you come to rescue us, every day. I’m sorry for my unbelief, for my doubt, for my lack of faith and trust. Please help me to reach out to you, to remember to get in the boat, every day, stay in the boat and to help others who need to be pulled in too. Amen
Liz Morris, 11/04/2022