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Purpose in the pain



Last week I took a first aid course and I was reminded of all the protocols required to treat someone who is in pain. For me, I always find it awkward to respond to people’s pain, particularly when people start crying. I pause for a moment and think; do I hug them? Do I ask them if they are ok? (even though they clearly aren’t) or do I stay quiet.

It’s never nice seeing someone in pain and I was reminded of that on this first aid course, however first aid deals with the physical side of pain, but most of our pain is internal. It’s the pain that no one can see, but is there eating away at you. It could be trauma, rejection, shame, guilt and so forth. These kinds of pains are nothing new, and believe it or not you are not alone in your pain. Self-pity would have you believe that you can’t overcome certain pains, or that these things define you for life …. But they don’t.

Many characters in the bible endured pain this includes Joseph, King David, Job, Ruth, Esther, Jesus and more. But as you read through each person’s experience you begin to see that there is a purpose in the pain. David was purposed to be King, Joseph to be vice president of Egypt, Ruth to be the wife of Boaz (part of the lineage of Jesus), Esther to be queen and Jesus to save us of our sins and defeat death.

Now you may not become the king or queen of England, but there is still a purpose to your pain. Your painful circumstances help develop your character and can even inspire others. You can’t avoid the pain forever, but it can teach you to help and sympathise with others. Pain also teaches us that God brings restoration and healing.

So, if you feel like your pain has become your identity, be encouraged that it is not (Jeremiah 29:11). God uses your pain for a greater purpose. Remember your test is also your testimony and with it you can encourage and inspire others. God may also use you to be that bridge that leads them to Christ. 

Chloe Rotter, 23/06/2021