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God's Solution is Better!


"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD – Isaiah 55 v 8

Just before covid I was able to achieve one of my dreams which was to ride the USA ‘Route 66’ on a Harley Davidson motorcycle so, I joined a group in Santa Fe New Mexico for the final 1350 miles ride to Los Angeles.
Awaking on the first morning I was disappointed to see rain lashing the desert landscape, this morphed into dismay on the realisation that the light raingear I had brought was in a bag left 60 miles away and was clearly inadequate for the weather conditions that day. To ride in the rain wearing motorcycling jeans would invite hypothermia, as I recalled that the most common reason for mountain rescue calls in our National Parks are from jean clad walkers caught in unexpected showers. I would be lucky to last 10 minutes in these conditions, and we had 300 miles to ride that day!
I prayed – God please stop the rain – He didn’t - it increased! Over breakfast I glumly considered my options - none good! Whilst returning to my room before checking out I bumped into an Australian couple met the night before who enquired as to whether I was ready to go. Explaining my dilemma, the immediate response was ‘my wife has just had an asthma attack and has to travel in the support van today – why don’t you use her gear’
Wow – they loaned me a new branded wetsuit that fitted well and would have kept me dry under Niagara and I made two good friends for the trip
Yes, God doesn’t just answer prayers, He deals with underlying problems. This incident reminded me that so often I work out a solution and then suggest it to God as His best fix, a stupid way to carry on.
‘Because he loves me’ says the Lord ‘I will rescue him, I will protect him for he acknowledges my name’ (Ps 91)
Leave the details to God – when He closes a door, he opens a window  

Robert Lucas, 16/06/2021