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Living water, maybe next time? 

u turn

I suppose I wouldn't be British if I didn't talk about the weather so much. I check my weather app in the morning and get annoyed with myself if I zone out while trying to concentrate on the TV forecast. Do you do this too? Or is it just me? If it's been too long without rain, then I am off to my allotment to lug water to revive my plants, the ground is always dry, as it is very gravelly, I don't want all my hard work to be ruined by the lack of water, but it's never the same as a good downpour.

I was going to talk more about water, but as I was listening to the radio this morning I heard a mother describing the awful effect of the bombing in Gaza and Israel, she said, "my home was a safe place, but now I fear it will be a tomb for me and my family!" This really shook me, and for some reason, I was reminded of when my 90-year-old father was very ill and I had taken my mother away to Chisel beach for some respite. That was a time of really crying to God for help and God gave me this wonderful word from Isaiah 63 v 9:

"In all their distress he too was distressed, and the angel of his presence saved them. In his love and mercy, he redeemed them; he lifted them up and carried them all the days of old."

Sadly my father died soon after, but I know that God was in control of that - maybe a story for another time. This verse has been a comfort to me for many years now. I know that so many are struggling at this time, with sickness, grief, job loss, fear and separation from loved ones and many other things. I hope that this little powerful verse will encourage you today, God sends the angel of his presence to be with you in your distress, you are not alone. I pray that He will be with that mother, and all others, in Gaza and Israel too.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we cry to you in our anxiety and distress, you know what we are going through. Please comfort us and help us. Amen.

Catherin Tidmarsh, 19/05/2021