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My pruning seems to have worked! 

apple blossom

If you read my February blog you might be wondering what has happened to my apple trees. Well, I am delighted to report that there has been an amazing display of pretty pink and white blossom, and it's been a joy to sit on my bench amongst it watching the bees hard at work. Hopefully, there will be delicious apples later in the year.

Oh dear! I have just looked up all the pests and diseases to which my precious fruit are vulnerable. It's quite formidable! Now I will have to be diligent to keep the bugs at bay - I do try to avoid too many chemicals - so I will do my best. I think a trip to the garden centre is called for!

In Matthew chapter 6 v 19-21, Jesus talks about different kinds of pests, moths, vermin and thieves, coming to destroy and steal away our earthly treasure. He makes it very clear, that it's is so important to have our "treasures in heaven", that will not be taken away. Jesus wants our hearts to be set on Him and set on heaven, and it can't be if we are so focused on the fleeting earthly treasures.

Building this treasure is not about getting points with God, impressing Him, it's not a reward for the good we have done. Our treasure that exists in heaven is God himself, God is our treasure. It's the cultivation of a vibrant, living relationship with the source of all goodness and beauty that is the treasure.

As I watch my tiny apples, hopefully, grow into a delicious fruit, I must remember that Jesus wants me to spend time with Him and be focused on the treasure He has in store for all of us in heaven. C.S Lewis writes "If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world." This is echoed in St Augustine's prayer; "Our hearts are restless until they find rest in you, O Lord"

Dear Lord, help me today to set my heart on you, be with me and guide me. Amen

Catherin Tidmarsh, 17/05/2021