The Prayer Course 

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We recently ran The Prayer Course on Tuesday evenings. This course, created by 24/7 Prayer, is a great way to refuel our prayer life, as individuals and as a church family.

The course runs for eight weeks and there are a couple of different ways you can be involved. If you have the technology, you can watch a video online covering the material for that week. The videos are 20-25 minutes long and really well produced. If you prefer, you can read Pete Greig's book, 'How to pray' which covers the same material.

Session 1 Why pray?
Session 2 Adoration
Session 3 Petition
Session 4 Intercession
Session 5 Unanswered prayer
Session 6 Contemplation
Session 7 Listening
Session 8 Spiritual warfare

In May we also held online groups to discuss the videos and put prayer into action and we may do this again. In the meantime you can join a weekly early Morning Prayer zoom on Tuesday's at 0730 or our monthly evening zoom Prayer Times at 2000. The next one is on 16th Sept, email to find out the zoom link if you would like to join any of our prayer meetings.  

Click here to access the videos of the prayer course sessions

Click here to order a copy of 'How to pray' from Amazon
Click here to order a copy of 'How to pray' from Eden