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Alpha Online 

Starting on Tuesday 15th September, we are going to be running an online version of the Alpha Course. Alpha is a tremendously popular course which has been run by churches for many years. Alpha is for everyone - whether you would consider yourself a Christian or not, whether you come to church or not, whether you believe in God or not. Come and find out more and ask questions without any assumptions. We usually run Alpha in person alongside a delicious meal together. However, our current situation means we are having to move our Alpha course online. You will have to provide the delicious meal yourself unfortunately!

The course will run for eight weeks and will involve an online video which we encourage everyone to watch at 8pm. The videos last 20-25 minutes and cover a variety of topics (see below). We will then gather for an online video call at 8.30pm for around half an hour to discuss what we have heard and ask any questions.

15 Sept Is there more to life than this?
22 Sept Who is Jesus?
29 Sept Why did Jesus die?
6 Oct How can I have faith?
13 Oct Why and how do I pray?
20 Oct Why and how do I read the Bible?
3 Nov Who is the Holy Spirit?
Sat 7 Nov Holy Spirit Morning (details tbc)
10 Nov How does God guide us?