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Giving Sunday 2021 - 17 January

Giving Sunday offers a chance to consider our part in God's direction for us as a church and how we can give our talents and resources to grow His kingdom.  Each year in January, we hold a Service with an opportunity for members to think, reflect and respond to how they want to give. 

Giving Financially

Financial giving is one part of our giving to HTR and it is important for us to be well informed about our giving. God not only loves a cheerful giver, but also one who is thoughtful and wise in their decisions (2 Corinthians 9:7). We are hugely grateful for the generosity of our church family which allows us to reach out with the love of Jesus.

In 2021, we have reason to be especially thankful. Since the global pandemic struck it has affected many people's income and job security. Yet, due to the generosity of the HTR church family, we started 2021 in a good financial position, having broken even in 2020 with income covering the costs of our expenditure. We give thanks to God and thank everyone for their continued giving throughout this difficult time.

Looking further ahead into 2021, we have some further financial developments to consider. Our staff team is almost back to full strength with Chloe Rotter starting as our Children, Youth and Families Minister in January and a future appointment of a part-time Youth Pastor in due course. We look forward to restarting a number of church activities, such as Alpha, Wednesday lunches, children's groups, and so on which will increase our expenditure. Our budget for 2021 currently looks like this:

Draft Bugget 2021

As you can see, most of our income comes from regular and one-off giving from church members. Most of our expenditure goes on staff as well as church activities.

In 2021, we are projecting a shortfall between our income and expenditure. Will you prayerfully consider whether you are able to review your financial giving and help resource us as church to meet the opportunities of this year and beyond?

We want to encourage those who make one-off gifts to consider giving regularly instead. This helps us hugely with our planning and being wise stewards of our financial resources. If you’re not able to make this change but can tell us in advance about one off gifts you plan to make during the year, this will also be a great help.

How you can give financially

Standing Orders: You can set up a Standing Order online with your bank. Alternatively complete a Standing Order form (which you can download here) and send it to your bank. If you complete the online response form, we can send you the relevant information you will need to set this up. If you set up a Gift Aid form at the same time as a standing order that will enable us to claim back the tax on your giving.

Payroll Giving: This enables you to donate direct to us from your gross salary. For example
If you are a standard rate taxpayer (20%), the immediate tax relief means that a donation of £100 will cost you just £80
If you are a higher rate taxpayer (40%), a donation of £100 will cost you just £60
If you are a highest rate taxpayer (45%), a £100 donation will cost you £55

Gift Aid: If you are a UK taxpayer, you can also donate the tax that would normally be paid to the government.

Legacies: Have you made a Will yet? If not, it’s really important that you do! What you own will then be shared out how you want it to after you die. And when you make a Will, consider including our Church as a beneficiary.

If you have questions about any of the practicalities of giving, please speak to Mark Johnston (Treasurer), David Ewart (Assistant Treasurer) or Keith Nurse (Planned Giving & Gift Aid)

Giving of your time and talents

On Vision Sunday we highlighted four areas that God is asking us to refresh and renew as we step into a post-Covid world. This year we are focusing especially on our Youth and Children's Work, Worship life, Pastoral Care and Outreach to our local community. Is God calling you to be a part of one of those areas of church life in this coming year?

Each one of us has gifts and talents which God has given us to use in his Kingdom. Nobody is excluded and nobody is left out. Do you know what gifts God has given you and where he is calling you to use them? Is there an area of ministry or outreach that God has put on your heart? If you can't pursue that passion because we aren't currently working in that area, perhaps God is calling you to lead the church into this new area of ministry?